Moonta Bay Caravan Park

We signed up with the Newbook Booking System in April, 2014 and couldn’t be Happier!

Thanks to the NewBook team our transition from our former booking system was a pain free experience.  The knowledge that staff showed was invaluable in our set up.

This company has continued to improve their booking system progressively and we are thankful that they address any enquiry that we may have, immediately and customer service is second to none.

As a team, they are committed to improving Newbook and take on board any suggestions that we put forward and address them with enthusiasm.

Newbook has made the day to day running of our park, simple, quick and efficient.

With the addition of imports into MYOB via Ozbix solutions, our figures are kept current on a daily basis. Having our own Banking Gateway and with the assistance of Merchant Warrior has streamlined our check in / Check out process literally down to seconds as we no longer take deposits. Newbook also allows us to send out After Departure Surveys so Guests can have their say at making our park a better place.

We also use marketing campaigns setup through Newbook to say in touch with our past and present guests keeping them up to date with specials and upcoming events, in turn have been able to reduce advertising costs of our business dramatically.

Our Online Bookings have doubled since we have moved over to Newbook and with the ability for our guests to book through our facebook page, this is definitely a step in the right direction.

I would strongly recommend to anyone who is thinking of updating their booking system, to

Trial  - The Newbook System. You won’t be disappointed.

We look forward to our future partnership with them.

Previous System:
- Warren Frazer, Judy Frazer, Adam Hawke and Melissa Martin, Owner
Taupo DeBretts Spa Resort

Our partnership with NewBook has enabled us to grow our business significantly. The various in-depth reporting, in real time, across all departments is impressive. NewBook is visionary, proactive in their approach, receptive and has exceeded our expectations. The service from Support Team is outstanding and it is really appreciated. Exciting journey so far and we are looking forward the new projects, starting with paperless check-in.

Previous System:
- Mirela Petrar , Operations Manager
Austin Tourist Park

This system is fantastic! The training was exceptional. We were given phone training and then we had the opportunity to work offline with the System for a period of time before a Newbook trainer visited us for three days.

During the three days we were given more training and adjustments were made to the system to suit our individual requirements. The data was uploaded overnight and we never lost any data from our old system. The trainer then spent another day helping us with the live system and fixing any little problems. It was so easy for our staff to learn – even our 13 year old granddaughter can use it!

The system is so user friendly with so many options. The easy to change prices and group bookings are the two biggest improvements for us. Everything is so much easier.

Whenever there is a problem a phone call gets almost instant help.

They show you online at your computer screen exactly what the problem and how to solve it. The Newbook team are always willing to listen to requests and suggestions and try to give you a system that is tailored specifically to your Park.

Finally the caravan park industry has a system that is built by an insider that has industry knowledge and can relate to all our needs!

Previous System:
- Christine Edwards, Owner & Manager
Otematata Holiday Park & Lodge & Lake Waihola Holiday Park.

I am writing to express what a pleasure it has been to deal with you and your company through the process of moving to NewBook.  In a short time we have had three property management packages with yours being the third and I have to say it is the most complete and functional piece of software I have come across to date.

Having come from an IT background and being what I guess you could describe as a power user, I like to get the most out of a software package and really make it work for our businesses.  Running two parks we need to have information at our fingertips and for the software to improve efficiencies.  NewBook does everything we were told it would and more. 

The support, service and flexibility have been second to none and it is great to see a company that values this as much as we do.

I would like to applaud you on developing a package that is so complete and on how you listen to your client’s ideas and feedback.

Please feel free to refer any future prospects to use as a reference point.

Previous System:
- Brent & Kirsty Cowles, Owner
Rotorua Holiday Park

Prior to NewBook  I was reluctant to change as we had been using RMS a long time and I had never heard of the "NewBook" we had been using RMS quite a few years, But after a demo I thought "Finally a system that makes sense" and the changeover was so easy it seemed too good to be true, The best bit was it retained all of the historic data from our other system. All of the amazing features we have learnt how to use the system after just two hours of training best decision I have made changing to this PMS system.

Kia Ora My name is Jared Adams the CEO @ the Rotorua TOP 10 Holiday Park, we have been using NewBook almost a month and it is the best PMS I have ever seen or used,  and This Is A REAL Cloud based system that I am able to check from any computer, or and iPad. As long as it has a web browser and Internet. I can connect and that is important to be able to do. The pricing changes are FAR easier, we are now using "Siteminder" with NewBook which was connected with absolute ease All I need to do is update the pricing in NewBook and it does the rest for you.

They connected the online booking engine for my website and it is amazing and upsells for me!! I am so glad there is finally a system that is Easy to use, and helps me make changes far easier; I would not hesitate to recommend this system to other Holiday Park owners. Thank You all the staff at NewBook :)

Previous System:
- Jared Adams, CEO
Astra Apartments

Astra Apartments developed its own web-based enquiry, reservation and invoicing system but found it was restricted by limitations in accessibility, inability to handle multiple accommodation addresses, on-line reservations and no interface to communicate with Channel Managers.

After a thorough sourcing exercise, NewBook was chosen to replace the existing solution as it most closely matched our functionality, security and reliability requirements. Most importantly,

NewBook's staff demonstrated willingness and capability to accommodate Astra's unconventional processes and implement system modifications as required. NewBook's extensive experience of on-line booking channels has also made the transition easier and more worthwhile.

The first of 12 Astra Apartment locations went live in September 2012, with two more adopting the system by end of December 2012. The roll out will continue through 2013, having full confidence in the team at NewBook.

Previous System:
- Tom Jeavons-Fellows, National Operations Director
Landsborough Pines Caravan Park

Dear NewBook

Just wanted to email you to let you know that your staff and the staff at Xtreme have provided us with exceptional service. It all started with an email enquiry to Xtreme regarding a wireless hotspot. Xtreme happened to ask which booking system we were using  which was only pen and paper. Xtreme told me about NewBook and from there I gave them a call. All the staff at Newbook have been absolutely amazingly helpful and prompt when I have needed assistance.

Just thought you might like to know how fantastic all of your staff have been. I couldn’t fault any of them.

Previous System:
- Natisha Smith, Manager
The Gateway Village

We have been using Newbook since November 2012 and right from the start it has been fantastic.

The team at NewBook were there through every step of the change over process and only to willing to help.

Everything you need is in the one system which makes the day easier and it is easy to learn. NewBook allows you to get things done fast, without leaving your guests waiting.

Any questions or requirements we have are attended to promptly and the NewBook team will work with you to implement the change and help you through.

We are extremely happy with NewBook and the service they provide.

Previous System:
- Nicole, Park Manager
Wirrina Cove Holiday Park

I can’t speak highly enough of the team from Newbook. Having had no previous experience in the Tourism industry and having  just bought ‘Wirrina Cove Holiday Park’, a sizeable South Australian Caravan Park with no history supplied nor booking system, we were relieved to find a system that made sense, was easy to use and saved us time by the ‘bucket load’. We looked at and experimented with comparable booking systems and none compared with Newbook’s ease of use, without sacrificing in the complexity of tasks being able to be achieved.

Thrown in at the deep end and needing to run a business instantly, meant I didn’t have time for large amounts of training (1 hour in total!). Newbook is totally logical and the few questions I did have were resolved instantly by the support team of Newbook. Only now, after 5 months of using Newbook am I seeing the added benefits that Newbook has to offer. My accountant loves it.

Whilst being user friendly, Newbook can handle tasks beyond our needs and seems to be evolving all the time, based on user feedback. It costs us marginally more than the opposing booking systems per month, but saves us money and a huge amount of time training new staff etc because of its ease of use. Newbook is the way of the future and I....LOVE IT!

Previous System:
- Benjamin Taylor, Owner
Portland Bay Holiday Park

We have been using the NewBook reservation system from November 2012 and found it easy to use and learn. The system has good features that are more user friendly such as the search fields and tariff setup. Also the reports are a great tool with good, accurate data and statistical graphs to better indicate how your business is performing.

The support team are always available for queries and assistance. They are able to show you online at your computer screen exactly the issue and how to resolve the problem, we have always been able to receive support when required.

We recently had a week where the districts internet ADSL service was not working, but were still able to operate as Newbook have a wireless network backup just for these situations.

Overall we are extremely happy with the system and also with the support from the NewBook team.

Previous System:
- Antonella & Bruce Webbstock, Park Managers
Bush Oasis Caravan Park

If I could summarize  Newbook in one word it would be LIFESAVING.

My husband and I had purchased our first park recently and decided to update the system that was in place as it was not licensed, with no back up or support. Through feedback and recommendation we decided R** was the booking system for us. This was our first major mistake. We had started our training with R** well before settlement with the understanding we would have the system up and running. Three weeks after taking over we still had no booking system. We were working 14hr days with 4 kids to boot, not that we are afraid of hard work.

Late one afternoon I was nearly in tears not sure what to do but knowing this is not right I have to make changes. I phoned Caravaning Queensland who were extremely supportive when I told them our situation and they recommended a couple of online booking systems including Newbook and the wonderful feedback they are receiving about the company.

I phoned NewBook immediately who said he can have me up and running the next day. I said “please don’t lie to me” I have just spent weeks doing training with R*** to be told repeatedly the system is not ready. I had nothing left to loose so signed up with Newbook. The NewBook support team had most of the work inputed that night, phoning me after hours to make sure things were ok. The staff assisting the training were extremely helpful and nothing was too hard nor were I made feel stupid for my continuous questions that were answered immediately without delay.

I would say to those wanting to change or upgrade to an online booking system “give it a go” you won’t be disappointed. The system is easily operated for the non technical like me, has relevant and informative online help. Also user friendly providing all you would need to operate a caravan park booking system. 

Previous System:
- Fiona Lidgett, Owner
Bass Hill Tourist & Residential Village

It has now been over a year for us on NewBook and it has been a pleasant experience. The staff at NewBook are only too willing to help.

We have seen and experienced many changes that keep enhancing this program, the team is also encouraging to experiment and push NewBook to its limits to find its full capabilities. NewBook is easy to learn which makes training staff a breeze.

NewBook has taken us down the path of online bookings embedded directly within our website and alongside third party sites we have experienced a significant increase in our bookings.

Any requirement I have put to NewBook has either been implemented or they have suggested an improvement on our request. They really work with you to achieve your desired goal.

Previous System:
- Tina Webb, Park Manager
Palm Bay Resort

We are small resort and I am new to the tourist industry. Needing a more sophisticated booking system than the very manual excel spreadsheet we were using, it was suggested to me that I look at NewBook for an online booking system. From the time I first spoke to the NewBook sales team, they have bent over backwards to assist me in understanding and applying NewBook to our business.

We also implemented Merchant Warrior, with the assistance of NewBook, into our booking page to allow our guests to pay safely and easily on line.

Our whole experience with NewBook has been exemplary and I would recommend this very comprehensive system and the team to anyone looking to implement an online booking system. NewBook has so many features and is so clever; they have thought of everything and if they haven’t they will endeavour to add it to the system. Excellent product. Well done NewBook

Previous System:
- Helen Scott, Manager
Nepean Shores Resort

NewBook is a very friendly reservations system. When learning the system, we had great support from all the team at NewBook and found it very easy to use and pick up.

When making a booking, it is very quick and all the information you need is on the one page. You do not have to click back fourth between screens to check availability.
To check someone in and out is also easy and you do not have to make the guest wait. When checking someone in, NewBook automatically creates the tariff and works out for you how much money the guest owes, which again makes life easier.
With any new procedures or forms you may like to implement into NewBook, all the staff are willing and try to work out the best way to suit your company. Online bookings / third party websites are now a breeze as you are not having to go onto each individual website to update tariffs or deals - this can all be done through NewBook, which then automatically sends out to all third party websites.
NewBook assisted us with the set up all of third party websites for our park. Due to the exposure and help with online setup, the bookings have been flooding into our park. All NewBook staff are extremely friendly and very helpful with all enquiries and questions we may have.
Previous System:
- Sky Knight, Park Manager
Sheriff Hotel

I first saw Chris at the "Independent Hotel Show 2013" where he gave me a demo of Newbook. I was looking for a new PMS and had seen quite a few before. I was immediately impressed by NewBook as it is the most modern & dynamic PMS in the market at present. We decided to go ahead with it and have been using Newbook for about 3 months. Changing a PMS is not a straight forward thing as there are countless issues and teething troubles. However, Chris ensured this is not the case and he has been amazing. He is always available 24/7, replies immediately and always has a solution. We had to import a lot of data and it created a lot of bad data but Chris remained calm and one by one sorted out everything. A big big Thank you to Chris for all the invaluable assistance and help!! "

Previous System:
- Majaz Laghari, General Manager
Gateway Lifestyle Residential Parks

We were the first chain holiday & residential parks company to sign up to NewBook. The system meets our needs on a per property level and on a national level. We are able to login into NewBook from anywhere and switch between properties at the click of a button. This is the system to use if you want the best for your business.

We are always expanding our operations and buying new parks. NewBook are able to accommodate the needs of every property we bring on-board.

They have increased our properties online bookings through their fully integrated Booking Engine. We are now taking bookings 6 months in advance and can push out our rates and availability to dozens of booking sites.

NewBook Property Management System is the best and we feel they will always be the best - they are always coming up with new and exciting features to make running our parks easier and more profitable.

Previous System:
- Ringo, General Manager
Captain Cook Caravan Park

We have been online with Newbook for 3 months and can’t praise the system and the staff enough. The transition from having no online system to being now completely online has been painless thanks to the training provided and the ongoing assistance. The system is very user friendly and logical and covers all aspects of an accommodation business and reflects the intimate knowledge of the industry by the staff at NewBook. Our bookings have increased now we are linked to 3rd party channel bookings with all the necessary details and payments in place and the reports I can now generate have saved me hours in bookkeeping and reduced our accountant fees. I have no hesitation in recommending NewBook to anyone wanting a system that provides so much with such ease.


Kerry Jarvis.


Captain Cook Caravan Park

Previous System:
- Kerry Jarvis, Owner/Manager
Park Lane Holiday Parks

To whom it concerns,

We have been using NewBook since February 2012 and are the 1st Holiday Parks (3) to have converted to the Reservation System.

The Team at NewBook have been fantastic in their support and understanding of our business requirements and needs. They have been there at every step to not only make the transition easy, but to add value to our business, something that we just don’t see from our existing partners (to our business). NewBook go the extra step!

It has many features that are brilliant, with many more to be released that will add value to the selling process, particularly around upselling and cross selling.

I would personally recommend the use of the software as it is revolutionary and will change the reservation world as we know it. It makes it easy for my staff to learn, understand and make intuitive decisions, which all other software that we have used or reviewed simply does not do.

NewBook Cloud based software is great, the service is great and the people are great. What more could you ask for! Ah, I knew there was something else – it looks so cool! (The Chart, Map Booking Functions, Groups, Scheduled Reports…. the list goes on)

Previous System:
- John Mackenzie, General Manager
Old Amersham Hotels

Old Amersham Hotels has 2 properties in close proximity, plus an affiliate a couple of miles away. The 2 hotels in Amersham have shown a significant upturn as now, if one property is full, instead of giving a number to ring and losing the caller, we now just offer to make the booking there and then in the second property, with instant e-mail confirmation. We are so convinced of the benefits of NewBook that we are bringing the smaller affiliate unit on to the same system to maximise cross selling opportunities.

We have recently had 2 or 3  group bookings of 30 rooms varying stays, that no one hotel could accommodate. The complexity of managing a group split across properties would have made it impossible with our previous PMS. We would lose the booking to a hotel with 140 plus rooms. Now we take the booking on the basis that we split across 3 units and manage it and the client still has one point of contact.

Previous System:
- Peter St.Lawrence, Director
Papamoa Beach TOP 10 Holiday Resort

Papamoa Beach TOP 10 Holiday Resort is a 16-acre beachfront Resort located on the east coast of the North Island. We have 260 camping sites, 37 accommodation units, 80 on-site caravans and a conference centre.

In 2013, I came across Newbook after looking at numerous systems for almost 2 years. Newbook was in my opinion the only system that was industry specific, cost effective & yet had the ability to assist our growing business with both technology and our ventures into new markets such as conferencing & events.

The system itself is very user friendly and the support and training that is provided is fantastic. Since moving to Newbook, we have seen a steady increase in our online bookings and the ability to capture more information has meant that we can make smarter and more informed decisions for the business!

Having Newbook on our team has been wonderful! I can’t wait to see what we as a business are capable of next year with all of the new additions coming out so regularly!

Previous System:
- Bex Crosby, General Manager
Waikanae Beach Holiday Park

We'd really like to thank the team at NewBook for the support during our transition to the system.  We are very pleased with the product and technical ability of your team.  I would recommend NewBook to anyone looking for a modern and progressive property management system.

Previous System:
- Matthew Moore, Park Manager
Lake Taupo Holiday Resort

We have owned and operated our Resort for over 18 years and in that time have used two PMS systems Canadian based SQL system Roz for 14 years and Opera for one year.

Since installing the Newbook PMS system in late April 2013 we have been extremely satisfied with the simplicity of the system and the information that is presented in such a way as either a dashboard or the ease of producing a report that is both accurate and meaningful.

The way in which the tariff interface is set up, makes it the best system we have used hands down.

The dynamic pricing integration, the ease of setting up one off tariffs, hot/cool deals etc, and the way it interacts with siteminder and subsequently third party sites is a breeze. We have noticed another lift in online sales since leaving Opera.

The support we have received from the sales team initially in setup was second to none; nothing was or is still too much trouble.

When dealing with the support team they are both professional and personable and solve the problem either immediately or very quickly following your call.

We are constantly seeing new developments. The features request page is instrumental, in that the users not only help think of and decide on great features but vote on the best features to be developed.

This would be the best PMS system either as owners or our reception staff have had the pleasure of working with.

I would highly recommend this system to any potential tourism operator as their PMS system.

Previous System:
- Lloyd and Trish Lusty, Owners

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